So yeah, what DO photography and limos have in common? Kind of a weird question, eh?

I ask because I during a recent brainstorm session, I had great idea. You see, I’ve been studying a lot about business so I can enhance my photography business, so I’ve been entertaining my brain with all kinds of helpful information.

Anyways, I realized what a great idea it would be to network with owners of limo companies, along with others that are in the ‘party’ industry like photo booth rental companies, bounce house rental companies and well, you get the picture – haha, see what I did there. My learning is making me more creative!

In forming relationships with people like these, photographers like me can possible get more business. Think about it…

People hire limo services all the time for their weddings so that they can be transported away from their wedding in a Cinderella like fashion.

People are also starting to hire photo booth and bounce house rental companies more and more for their weddings so the kids won’t get bored. If wedding photography doesn’t work out for me, maybe I should try out the photo booth rental business; after all, I would still be getting to take pictures at weddings. ;D

So I hope you see what I am saying.

It may take a little while to build a business relationship with someone, but it will totally be worth it in the end.

My hopes are to do this and to eventually have these people recommend my photography services to some of their customers, and I can do the same for them. It will be a win-win situation for the both of us.

If you’re wondering how I plan to go about doing this, here are some of my ideas so far.

3 Ways To Network With Limo, Bounce House & Photo Booth Company Owners

1.) Rent a service from them and then make a good first impression. If the opportunity presents itself, I will work towards breaking the ice with them and then possible taking the conversation to a deeper level.

2.) If this doesn’t work with one company then I will just keep on trying. With that attitude, I will surely find some one to work with in renting a limo, bounce house, or photo booth haha. That’s really what it’s about, folks. If you want something bad enough then you will make it happen.

3.) Reach out to them via email and start a conversation. Take the time to ask them genuine questions and learn about what they do in their business on a daily basis. People love to talk about themselves and more importantly, about their business if they have one. Wouldn’t you be?

These are all I have come up with so far, but plan to report back in the near future to give you an update on my progress.

Here’s to photography and limo services coming together in a networking event that is sure to change the lives of all that are involved. Meaning? The business owner I work with, the customers we help along the way, and of course, little ‘ole me.

Talk soon folks.

PS: I found a great video for you if you are interested in learning more about networking with other business owners.

I’m really a fan of color photography. I don’t like black and white photos nearly as much.

I’m so grateful that we have color photography in this modern day and age. I feel so lucky to be so young with all the cool forms of technology we have available to us for our convenience.

Fun fact of the day: The first colored photograph was developed by James Clerk Maxwell in 1861.

I feel like such a dork sitting here talking this much about the subject but since I’m a photographer that is a huge fan of outdoor scenery, I’m very much into learning as much about it as I can. In fact, just the other day I came across a very helpful resource on color photography¬†that provides resources about how it pertains to photography. Check it out if you are a geek on the subject like me.

If it weren’t for colored photography then I would have never gotten to capture some of the beautiful outdoor photos that I have, and I guess indoor ones for that matter. To me, all pictures look better in color so again, I can’t mention enough how happy I am to have it in my life.

Hears to color photography, one of the most beautiful things in life- or my life at least.

In the near future I am hoping to become a full-time photographer.

Even though I’m working as a dental assistant by day, I want to change it into photography and take on jobs for weddings, birthday parties, children pictures, senior pictures, and church pictures.

The only part I can stand about my dental assisting job is that I get to work with people all day, just like I will when I get to take photos of them. I’m very grateful to have this skill working well for me since I do want to be a full-time photographer and am very glad that I have learned what I have.

Until I can focus on independent photography alone, I am spending most of my free time studying the subject and the work of some amazing photographers. I like to study what I can and learn from the path already taken. Why recreate the wheel when you can just follow the path of a successful person that is already where you want to be?

It’s hard to wait to get to go out on my own but in the meantime I’m just excited to be studying the field. If I’m going to become a professional then I need to study like one and master everything I can. I’m never going to be the best if I don’t train and stay consistent.

Photography is the ultimate way to remember time.

Whether you are taking pictures on a vacation, of your family or kids, or for any other reason, the pics serve as a great tool for memories. I like to go one step further and capture the scenery all around me, everywhere I go. I don’t have to be in a forrest or on a beach to find beautiful scenery to take pictures of, no. I can be in a filthy alley with a busted down car and still find a beautiful scene to capture.

And that my friends is the meaning of beautiful photography.

Beauty can be found in anything and really, everything. You can always find the beauty in something, you just may have to look a little harder at times. It’s something you may have to train like a muscle but eventually, you can find beauty all over life, no matter where you go or what type of situation you find yourself in.

It’s also about relaxing and allowing yourself to find beauty through your own eyes. Don’t be too judgmental your potential shots; Just keep relaxed enough to embrace it and capture what you see.

What makes a great photographer is not in the quality of their technology but it’s rather what’s in the eye of the beholder.

Some people see colors differently than others which is what brings individual creativity into the arts. Whether it’s through a painting or photography, what makes the piece special is the uniqueness and how the blend of colors pull you in.

When I share my photos with my wife and friends they usually wonder how I take them the way that ¬†I do. I believe that the biggest thing that separates myself from them is the way we each perceive the scene we are looking at. It’s from our point of view that we snap a photo or create a painting, and some people are more creative than others and will therefore see it in a different light. I’m not really sure what I am trying to say here, but I know there is a difference in the way that we all perceive a view.

I take pictures from my point of view but my wife may not see the scenery the way I do, which means her picture could look only slightly similar or full-blown different.

To each his own.

Hi my name is CJ and this is my new website. I am a freelance artist that loves to draw, take pictures, and anything else similar that pertains to art. I absolutely love art and doing anything I can to bring out my creative side.

At the moment I also have a day job as a dental assistant but by 5pm weekdays and all day on weekends, I’m absolutely immersed in my art and use it as a means to keep myself grounded. I haven’t quite found my calling yet with my art but hope to soon so that I can quit my dental assisting gig. I definitely don’t see myself passing instruments back and forth between myself and a dentist for the rest of my life. So making something of my art is a must, not a should. Mark my words, I will be a world renown artist someday whether it’s through photography, drawing, or painting.

This blog is where I plan to write about some of my experiences and overall use it as another creative space to release my creative jones.

If you are coming across this page for the first time just know that I don’t claim to be a professional just yet, but wanted a place to post some of my work. I do like constructive criticism but don’t appreciate hate, so won’t tolerate it in any of the comment sections.

Thanks for coming by today and I hope that you will appreciate some of my work. For any other artists out there, feel free to say hi at any time. It’s always refreshing to network with like-minded individuals.